Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a great way to help support Norskedalen and our mission by purchasing cards for family and friends and go shopping! The concept is the same as buying gift cards to any of your favorite or common retailers.  You can use the cards for personal shopping-or as gifts.  Dollar for dollar, you do not pay any more, and the merchant allows Norskedalen to capture a percentage.  Companies are giving as much as 12%! Gift Cards can be used to simultaneously pay for regular monthly expenses and to help a local non-profit.

Purchasing gift cards through this program is a simple way to give back without cleaning out your wallet and can even be utilized for budgeting your own money.


How to Join

Mail or drop off your order and payment. Then you can either pick up your card or have it mailed to you. It’s that simple.

For a list of the many gift cards we offer, let us know and we can get it to you.

Orders are placed on the first Friday in February, April, June, October and December.