We welcome you to join in our efforts to keep Norskedalen growing. Volunteering is a way to make new friends, share your expertise, learn new skills, have fun, build your resume and make a difference.

Whether you volunteer as an individual, with your group, club or organization, for a class or to earn community service, we welcome you! For more information about volunteering with Norskedalen, please contact us at 608.452.3424 or email info@norskedalen.org



There are many options for volunteering at Norskedalen.  You can help out on a one time project, volunteer for a season, have a regular weekly time slot, or join a committee.  You can volunteer as an individual, a couple, a family, or with a group.  You can find community service projects, youth group projects or even internships. We love volunteers and will work with you to find something that fits YOUR interests and schedule. (For example, this group of students from UW-L along with foresters in January 2008)

Norskedalen has a wide variety of committees focused on a specific event, project or goal.  Some committees (listed in red) are established by the Board and the Board of Directors appoints members to these committees as needed.  Other committees are less formal and volunteers are added as they come.

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please don’t hesitate a moment!  Joining our volunteer family is a great way to learn new skills, share your talents, meet new people, have fun and make a real difference in Norskedalen’s success. Just email us or contact any Norskedalen staff member to find out how you can get involved!

Education Committee:  The Education Committee works with the Education & Community Outreach Coordinator to advise and present our educational programming and helps publicize the educational programs and classes.

Library Committee – Anne Farning, Connie Erickson,Jan Buros, Cathy Ofte, , and Shirley Schoenfeld (Chair)  The Library Committee oversees the Jennifer Lee Marker Memorial Library; develops library policies and collection criteria; accepts/purchases books according to policies and criteria; organizes, catalogs and shelves material; and repairs and conserves materials

Museum Committee: The role of the Museum Committee is to provide advice, expertise, oversight and support in assuring that Norskedalen’s collection (both nature and heritage artifacts) is being preserved and interpreted as appropriately as possible.

Property Committee –  Chris Hall, Kevin Adams, Tip Bagstad, Jim Halvorson, Patrick Dayton, Karl Gilbertson, Pete Seielstad, Tammy Potaracke: The Property Committee oversees issues and recommends policies pertaining to the buildings and grounds, discusses and sets priorities for property related projects, and is involved with the stewardship of the land.

Sometimes on a Sunday Committee – Lee Grippen and Frieda Nowland (Co-Chairs), Elaine DeBuhr, Verda Guberud, Ron Nowland and Shirley Schoenfeld.  The Sunday Program Committee searches out and schedules interesting ideas (as related to Norskedalen’s mission as possible) for our ‘Sometimes on a Sunday’ programs.  The Committee members also act as hosts for the programs on Sunday.

Volunteer Committee: The role of the Volunteer Committee is the recruiting, training, supporting and thanking of our volunteers.  Volunteers are a critically important part of Norskedalen’s success and we need to have a group of people helping to grow our volunteer staff.



Norskedalen has a wide range of volunteer tasks and we are always looking for willing volunteers.  We have something for everyone: for all ages, for families, for groups, for community service, ongoing, seasonal, indoors, outdoors, nature or heritage related, with people or off on your own, the variety is endless.

You can browse the list here and contact us for more information as well as other opportunities.  Here are just a few of our current projects looking for volunteers:

  • Event volunteers: Every event we put on needs many willing volunteers.  The tasks vary with event but we always need people to help at the gate, park cars, set-up and clean-up, work in the kitchen and help with PR. In most events we welcome demonstrators of various heritage crafts and historical skills such as carving, spinning, weaving, blacksmithing, farm chores of the late 1800’s, etc.
  • Invasive Species Eradication: With over 350 wooded acres and miles of trails, we are always looking for help beating back the nasty invasives that constantly try to take over!  Buckthorn, honeysuckle, garlic mustard and multiflora rose are at the top of our ‘least wanted’ list.  We will provide training and tools!  It is a great way to get outdoors and make a difference.
  • Guides and Hosts: Making sure that each and every visitor feels welcome and has a quality experience when they come here is very important to Norskedalen.  Our volunteer hosts and guides are the keys to making that happen.  If you love people, perhaps you’d consider becoming a guide or host. No prior knowledge required, we will train you. You can choose whether you’d like a regularly scheduled time, or would prefer to be called and offered the opportunity to host/guide when we have tours scheduled.
  • Office Help: With a variety of mailings, filing, scrapbook keeping, and other office tasks, we appreciate those who enjoy the indoors, a comfy chair and an office setting.
  • Gardening: You can never have too many beautiful garden spots nor too many gardeners!  We have perennial gardens, vegetable and herb gardens and flower gardens that need YOUR green thumb.

The list is truly endless, so if you enjoy almost anything related to nature, history or Norwegian heritage, we probably can find a need that you can help fill, sharing your skill, learning new ones, making friends and helping Norskedalen continue to grow and thrive.