Board of Directors

The 9 – 15 member Board of Directors that governs Norskedalen is elected by the members of the corporation at the Annual Meeting in January. Each Director is elected to a three year term and may be re-elected to serve a total of three consecutive terms (9 years).

The terms are staggered so that 5 Directors are up for election/re-election each year at the annual meeting of the members, held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in January. The Bylaws stipulate that one seat on the Board be reserved for a Director designated by the Gundersen family.


Election of Board Members

2007 was the first year of direct election to the Board of Directors by Norskedalen members.

The election process begins with a nominating committee, appointed, per Norskedalen’s bylaws, by the Board President. The nominating committee is usually appointed in September as the candidates (if there are open seats) need to be listed in the December Crossings.

Also per the bylaws of the organization, any member of Norskedalen can become a candidate for the Board of Directors by submitting their name along with the signatures of five members in good standing at least 90 days prior to the succeeding Annual Meeting of the members, or by nomination and second at the annual meeting. The official ballot approved by the Board shall offer at least one candidate for each open position and a similar number of write-in spaces. Individual members in the Friends of Norskedalen have one vote. Family, Trailblazer, Pathfinders, Pioneer and Life members may complete two ballots.

To Vote: Members in the Friends of Norskedalen may vote by dropping off or sending a paper ballot to:

PO Box 235
Coon Valley, WI 54623

Members may also vote by sending an email to listing the names of the candidates they wish to vote for (up to 4 names). Voting takes place anytime prior to the Annual Meeting or at the meeting in person.


Job Description

Following are the key responsibilites for our board members:

  • To uphold Norskedalen’s Mission and Core Values- Integrity, Quality, Shared Ownership, Open Communication, Adaptability, Respect, and Enjoyment
  • To be an active and participating member of the Norskedalen Board of Directors and to attend at least 80% of all meetings both regular and committee, during the three year term
  • To make, guide, and oversee the decisions for the overall planning and strategy of the organization
  • To be familiar with the programs and activities of the organization
  • To participate in organizational tasks and activities, special events, and programs for Norskedalen¹s benefit
  • To be responsible for Norskedalen’s fiscal health by establishing prudent policies, understanding and monitoring the budget, and by active commitment to Norskedalen’s fundraising efforts
  • To represent Norskedalen at public and community events
  • To ensure that the provisions of the organization’s charter (articles of incorporation) and the law are being followed