Midsummer Fest

 Midsummer Fest 2021

10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The tradition continues!  Join us for our 38th Annual Midsummer Fest.  Midsummer, also known as the summer solstice, is celebrated throughout Scandinavia.  Help us celebrate the longest day of the year with music, demonstrations of heritage skills and arts, workshops, and kids and adult activities – all in the beauty of Poplar Coulee!

Join us on Norskedalen’s Facebook page

We’re launching our new Virtual Midsummer Fest on Norskedalen’s Facebook page.  Throughout the day, you’ll see demonstrations of all the things you would see at Midsummer Fest in the Homestead! Enjoy music and dancing, just as you would at Midsummer Fest in the shelter! Watch demonstrations of lefse making and krumkake baking multiple times as you try and make your own at home! More demonstrations will be added, right up until 10 a.m. on June 20; check the Facebook events page for details.  We’ll post a schedule of demonstrations by June 18.

Heritage Classes

One bonus of our virtual event is that you can tell us if any of these demonstrations are things that you would like to learn.  Simply comment on the specific post “this is something I would like to learn” and we’ll work to add that topic to our Heritage Class offerings in the fall!

No Facebook access?

We also know not all of Norskedalen’s members and friends have Facebook access. If you know someone that would love our Virtual Midsummer Fest but they don’t have Facebook access, would you perhaps spend a bit of the day with them? You could share your Facebook access with them, plus enjoy the event together!

Why a virtual event?

Midsummer Fest is one of the largest events in Norway, and has been celebrated here at Norskedalen without fail for 36 years.  When it became clear that the corona virus would have an effect on our celebration, we turned to our members and asked for their input.  Working with the health department, we could provide sufficient space to accommodate social distancing.  We could implement a number of other safety protocols as well, but we could not completely eliminate the risk.  We asked our members via email if, given what we’ve just described, would they still come to Midsummer Fest.  The majority of responses indicated that they were just not comfortable in large gatherings yet; even though they trusted us to make it safe, the majority of members said they were not comfortable attending the Fest in person this year.  So….Virtual Midsummer Fest was born!  We’ll miss seeing everyone, for certain, but we’ll be able to celebrate Midsummer Fest together!!