Experience Norskedalen

Whether you come to experience the natural beauty of the coulee region, the history of those who have lived here throughout time or the Norwegian heritage preserved in the buildings and artifacts; whether you take a class or attend a program, enjoy one of our special events, take the guided tour, spend the night in our Paulsen rental cabin or just come to wander the grounds on your own; Norskedalen has something unique and very special to offer.


Schedule A Group Tour

Norskedalen is open year round and we offer a wide variety of options including guided tours of the buildings and/or trails, hands-on demonstrations of heritage arts and crafts, cultural entertainment, and catered meals/dessert options.

Visit The Norskedalen Gift Shop

Come visit the Norskedalen gift shop where we have many new, specialty items including heritage and local interest books,  jewelry, clothing, heritage gifts and accessories.  Find a gift for a friend or yourself!


Rent A Cabin

At the Per and Anne Paulsen Cabin you can have your own pioneer experience. The Paulsen Cabin is 150 years old, an authentic log cabin lived in by the Paulsen Family.  Don’t worry though – we added modern plumbing!

Or choose to stay at The Farmhouse on Norskedalen’s Thrunegaarden.  An early 1900’s Farmhouse, you’ll be comfortable as you watch the deer cross your front yard, or imagine the Native Americans as they made camp along the creek next to the fields.


Become A Member

When you become a member in the “Friends of Norskedalen” you join a very special group dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the natural environment and cultural heritage of the coulee region surrounding Coon Valley. Not only get great benefits, but you become a part of something wonderful. Your membership provides steady support that sustains Norskedalen’s efforts to preserve this all-too-swiftly disappearing history and unspoiled natural environment.