Nature Trails

Come enjoy all of our nature trails! Wildflowers abound at Norskedalen thanks to the wide variety of ecosystems included in our 400 acres & close to 9 miles of hiking / birding / snowshoeing trails. As early as March, the spring ephemerals begin to dot the neutral landscape with bright spots of color; skunk cabbage sprouts by the arboretum springs then Pasque flower blooms on the high, rocky goat prairies, soon followed by hepatica, snow trillium, bloodroot and amethyst shooting star, just to name a few.

Nature doesn’t waste a single thing. The bucks that roam the wooded hillsides spend the spring and summer growing antlers that are shed in the fall. Sheds don’t last long as the squirrels, chipmunks and other rodents gnaw them for the precious minerals such as calcium and phosphorous.

PLEASE NOTE: Take only photos and memories; leave only footprints.


Norskedalen has an active Forest Management System which includes participating in seasonal deer hunting.  To hike in November, please stop at the Visitors’ Center first for information on open trails. 


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What is Blooming?

From March through October, you can usually find something blooming on the grounds or along the trails of Norskedalen.  With the wide variety of habitats including woodland, marsh, goat prairie and open fields, you have the opportunity to see many beautiful, colorful flowers including some rare ones that you’ll have to search high and low to see.

March and April blooms include the curiously shaped skunk cabbage which makes its own heat as it melts throughout late winter snow, the Pasque flower on the high goat prairies, violets, marsh marigolds and many more.

May and June bring out the yellow lady slipper, trillium, jack-in-the-pulpit, columbine, showy orchis, Jacob’s ladder, phlox and so many more, as well as the pervasive invasives – honeysuckle, buckthorn and garlic mustard.