Norskedalen’s Thrunegaarden

Norskedalen’s Thrunegaarden is a 43-acre property just west of Coon Valley that was given to Norskedalen by Lloyd and Agnes Thrune and Lloyd’s sister Ruth Thrune, in 1983. It was their wish to see the log house, built by their grandfather Nels Skumsrud in 1853, considered to be the oldest surviving house in the area, preserved for the future. They further wished that the property would be used to perpetuate the Norwegian heritage of the area.  “Thrunegaarden” is Norwegian for Thrune Farm.

The property is a historic open-air museum owned and operated by Norskedalen as a museum and cultural center for classes and events. It has thirteen restored pioneer log buildings nestled in a picturesque valley with a creek and croplands surrounded by forested hills.

Norskedalen’s Thrunegaarden (formerly Skumsrud Heritage Farm) is open by appointment.

Norskedalen’s main property, off county road PI, is open and welcomes you!