The Norskedalen Award

Our Yearly Tribute to Outstanding Norskedalen Supporters

Beginning in 1984, the Norskedalen Award has been presented yearly to honor selected individuals who have shown outstanding commitment or contributions in support of Norskedalen. The awardees are chosen by committee, based on nominations submitted by members.

Each year the winner(s) are honored at the Annual Norskedalen Banquet where their dedication and services are recognized, giving us the opportunity to celebrate their gifts of time, treasure and/or talent, to Norskedalen.

Awards by Year Selected

2018: No recipient selected

2017: Signe Gundersen Schroeder and Elnor Haugen

2016: Ruthann Wilson (Posthumously) and Shirley Schoenfeld

2015:  World War II Veterans

2014:  James H. Warner (Posthumously)

2013:  Lee Grippen

2012:  Clinton & Beverly Bagstad

2011: The Benrud Family 

2010: Agnes Steenberg (posthumously)

2009:  Vince & Dawn Hundt

2008:  James & Joyce Halvorson, and Carl Halvorson

2007:  Orin and Evelyn Larson; Bernice Hellwig

2006:  Clara and Walt Mehlum; Betty and Layton Nelson; Blaine Hall (posthumously)

2005: Ron and Frieda Nowland

2004: Eleanor Bagstad; Alden and Beatrice Olson; Thelma Olson

2003: Jaran Rundahl, Sigurd B Gundersen, Jr.

2002: Al and Verda Guberud; Esther Sagan

2001: Elaine DeBuhr

2000: Monroe and Beverly Johnson

1999: Julie McGlynn; Lillian Leum; Virginia Nerison; Georgia Carr

1998: Pauline Abel, Grace Bryhn, Dorothy Overson

1997: Tilford (Tip) Bagstad

1996: Harlan B. Olson

1995: Richard W. Perkins

1994: Ardell and Elaine Olson

1993: Borghild L Olson

1992: Clifford Dopson

1991: Carlin and Ethyl Dahler

1990: Lawrence Bakke

1989: Ruth Thrune

1988: Isabel McDonald

1987: Ethel Thrune

1986: Alf Gundersen

1985: Owen and Dorothy Bekkum

1984: Lloyd Thrune