About Norskedalen

Norskedalen, which means the Norwegian Valley, began in 1977 as an outdoor laboratory and arboretum when Dr. Alf Gundersen and his wife Carroll donated the 112 acre Gundersen farm to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Foundation. They established an arboretum in memory of Alf’s mother, Helga Isaksaetre Gundersen.

Since then, Norskedalen has grown to include over 443 acres on two different sites.  Uniquely positioned as both a nature center and a museum, Norskedalen encourages you to come and explore! 

Norskedalen’s Mission:

To preserve and interpret the natural environment and cultural heritage of the region, to make people aware of and sensitive to these resources and to provide educational opportunities at all levels through its arboretum, nature and heritage centers, and staff-both volunteer and professional.