Museum Donations

Gifting items to Norskedalen collections.

Norskedalen cares for a number of artifacts that pertain to the heritage and natural history of the region. When adding to our collection, we consider the following: the history of the item, its condition, its singularity, and whether we are able to properly store the item. All potential donations to our collection go through a review process and are put to a vote by Norskedalen’s Museum Committee. 

If you are interested in donating items to Norskedalen, please email with a description of the item and a photo. Drop-offs will not be accepted simply because the appropriate staff member may not be available to help with unsolicited donations. Norskedalen reserves the right to dispose of any unsolicited materials delivered to its properties. 

In conformity with national and international museum standards, Norskedalen cannot appraise or assign monetary value to items.