As a part of our mission of interpretation and education, Norskedalen has a variety of programs and classes for all ages.


School Programming

Norskedalen is a 400-acre nature and heritage center located near Coon Valley, Wisconsin. We are an outdoor classroom, a living cultural history museum and an exciting resource of programs for you and your students to enjoy.

“Letters from Anne” focuses on a series of letters written by Anne Engum to friends and family in Norway.  As the youngest child of the Engum Family, Anne’s letters  have a significant resonance for Elementary Students.  “Letters from Anne” has been expanded in 2020, and is has become a virtual program!  Enroll through this link:  This program addresses academic standards in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Traditional field trips for “Letters from Anne” are also available.

Environmental Education Days focuses on a combination of experts from partnering agencies such as U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and others combined with programming unique to Norskedalen.  This combination of hands-on and lecture style learning is a perfect fit for Middle School Students.

Outdoors with Sue is a year-round program tailored for after-school programming, day care and summer camp programs, or neighborhood outings.  Sue loves all things outdoors, sharing her enthusiasm with students of all ages!

All programs have correlations to Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.     

Sometimes on a Sunday Programs

Sometimes on a Sunday programs are one hour lecture-style presentations featuring a wide variety of topics, most related to nature, heritage or history, but also regional authors, informational presentations, etc. As you might expect, these programs take place one Sunday a month from May through November at 2 PM at the Thrune Visitors’ Center. Admission to the program is included in Norskedalen’s daily admission fee of $6 per adult, $3 per child or $15 per family and is Complimentary for members of Norskedalen.

Check our Facebook page for upcoming topics at Sometimes on a Sunday, or give us a call at 608-452-3424.

Heritage Classes

Heritage Classes are opportunities to take lessons from experts in Norwegian heritage, arts, historical and nature-related crafts and skills, as well as other unique learning opportunities. These classes require pre-registration prior to the class, pre-payment of fees and range from half-day classes to three-day classes.

Call Norskedalen for a listing of upcoming Heritage Classes!