Stewarding The Earth

Do you believe that people have a duty to care for the Earth?  Do you think it’s important to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy nature’s resources?  If so, then Norskedalen’s Stewarding the Earth initiative is something you may be interested in.  This program is an opportunity to share ideas as we all try to incorporate small changes in our daily lives that will add up to make a big difference!

Sustainability is at the heart of Stewarding the Earth.  That is, what choices can we make today that will help ensure our ability to maintain an ecological balance in the future?  Our goal is to share some environmentally-friendly habits that can be added to our daily routines, as well as making meaningful changes in our homes and yards.  For example, simply adding in a few new plantings that are beneficial to pollinators can be a start!  

We invite you to join Norskedalen as we offer tips in our newsletters and on social media, include more eco-conscious offerings in our gift shop and implement practices on our grounds that revolve around being good stewards of the Earth. We will also be offering educational programming and workshops as part of Norskedalen’s Sometimes on a Sunday series.  Look for information on topics like enhancing yards for birds and pollinators, gardening, home composting, controlling invasive species, and simple water quality monitoring.