Heritage classes

Folk arts and skills are a key ingredient for the survival of cultural traditions -especially Norwegian traditions. This is why we offer heritage classes both in-person and online.  

At Norskedalen, we schedule a range of in-person classes that include genealogy, wood carving, needle work, Norwegian baking, and more! Some are one-day courses while others are workshops over multiple days. New and upcoming in-person heritage classes can be found in our e-newsletters and on our social media.

We also offer online heritage classes in addition to our in-person class offerings. Available right now are classes on lefse making, krumkake, crochet, and embroidery. The instructors in our video tutorials will walk you through each step as they share how recipes, skills, and traditions were passed down in their families. Our online heritage classes can be purchased right on our website along with the kits needed to complete the class. All shipping and handling fees are included!

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