Self-guided Tours

In the Thrune Visitors’ Center, you will find an array of self-guided tour brochures to complement your visit to Norskedalen! These tours focus on both the natural and cultural heritage of Norskedalen. 

To get your fill of nature during your visit, take advantage of our Pine Loop and the fun-filled Troll Trail guides. As the seasons change, so will our trail guides!

Dive into history with three of our self-guided tours of the homestead. As you walk amongst the historic buildings refer to our Guide to the Bekkum Homestead, a read-as-you-go tour that gives you a summary of each of the buildings. To go more in depth, dial into two of our mobile phone tours. Homestead on Line 2 provides additional details about the land and immigrant buildings at Norskedalen. Moving History highlights the efforts and stories told by the volunteers who worked to move and preserve the historic buildings found at Norskedalen. All brochures are available in the Thrune Visitors’ Center.