Civil War Series

Company B 2nd Wisconsin Civil War reenactors with in-depth knowledge from years of research share their knowledge with you and your students.  Using videos and written material, viewers will be guided through demonstrations of the rifled musket, home life, artillery, US Colored Troops, characters such as "Billy Yank" and "Johnny Reb", and so much more. Reenactors spend years researching their characters, the role their characters played and the tools they used, oftentimes finding much more detailed and uncommon information than more traditional resources provide.  Company B 2nd Wisconsin Civil War reenactors are known for their attention to the uncommon, and for finding sources that support these details.  The result is truly remarkable education and demonstration. Uncomplicated yet effective curriculum builds on Company B's demonstrations, using prompts to analyze both Union and Confederate perspectives through videos and written word.  Culminating in choosing their own position, students must then be able to defend their choice through both written and spoken word. Norskedalen's Civil War Series is a unique opportunity to meet Wisconsin and national Social Studies standards on historical interpretation, and writing and defending an argument.


per grade level per school