Hardanger Embroidery Heritage Class and Kit

The timeless beauty of Hardanger embroidery taught here by TWO life-long pros, Anne and Marla.  Between them, Anne and Marla breakdown a very complex art form, and show you how simple stitches in repetitive patterns are used to create Hardanger needlework.  You'll hear about the work they've done over a lifetime of embroidery work, you'll hear about wonderful friendships that developed as they shared their skills with others.  You'll learn so much more than embroidery skills while you learn from Anne and Marla - AND you'll end up with your own piece of Hardanger embroidery too! As always with Norskedalen Heritage classes, when you enroll in the Hardanger embroidery program you will receive absolutely everything you need to complete this project.  Join us right now, won't you??